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Why Do You Need To Send A Card To Your Kid

Children absolutely love getting mail sent to them. There is nothing quite like seeing their face light up because they received their very own piece of mail. Receiving mail with their names on it makes them feel special, and children get excited over even junk mail. However, nothing is quite as special as to see the excitement when a child receives a letter or greeting card. Unfortunately, computers have seriously decreased the amount of communicating we do via real mail.

It is a proven fact that the more a child reads, the more intelligent they become. However, some children simply do not enjoy reading, and lack interest. Lack of interest goes away quite quickly when a child receives a greeting card or letter from someone they know and love. Children that are raised using this type of communication will go on to become great communicators themselves. This is why it is important to send greeting cards to the children in your life.

The following are just a few good reasons to send a card to your child, and bring a smile to their face.

1. They received a good grade on a test, or on their report card.
2. They remembered to use good manners.
3. It is their birthday, or on any holiday.
4. They behaved well on a certain day, or during a certain event.
5. They went out of their way to help someone else.
6. They help you prepare a meal, or helped to set the table.
7. Simply to say how much you appreciate them.
8. To thank them for helping clean their room.
9. To tell them how special they really are.
10. The completed all of their chores. This will make them want to continue to try hard.
11. Because you have been away and miss them.
12. To thank them for being such a wonderful...son, daughter, grandson, granddaughter, etc.
13. For making the honor roll at school.
14. For helping with the yard work.
15. As a reminder that a big event is coming up.
16. As a reminder of a fun time that the two of you shared.
17. To tell them something special or funny about you that they may not know.
18. To tell them something special or funny about someone in your family.
19. To tell them a funny joke.
20. They received a complimentary note from their teacher.
21. Simply to say, “I love you.”

Sending a card only takes a few minutes, and means so much. Think about taking a few minutes out of your day to send greeting cards to the children in your life.

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