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Three Reasons to Send Seasonal Cards

We've all gotten seasonal cards one time or another. Whether it's a Valentine's card from your sweetheart or a Christmas card from your grandma, I'm sure you've been on the receiving end of some kind of holiday cheer. Why do people send seasonal cards? Well, I'll give you good three reasons.

The first reason to send seasonal cards is to honor the holidays. Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's day, and other holidays exist for a reason. They all acknowledge some important facet of life and celebrate it. Valentine's Day celebrates love, and by sending a Valentine's Day card you show that you value love, too. Sending a Thanksgiving card shows how much you value thankfulness, and reminds others to be thankful as well. Every time you send a card, you make a statement about what you value.

The next reason for seasonal cards is the same as for all greeting cards: simply to show you care. By sending a card on a holiday, you can tell someone that you were thinking of them, that they're important to you. Sending a Valentine's Day card is a good way to say that you love someone. Sending a Thanksgiving card tells them that you're thankful to know them and have them in your life. Sending a Christmas card just says you care, and have them in mind during the most wonderful time of the year. No matter what the time of year, there's a card to show how you feel.

Finally, giving seasonal cards is like giving someone a little piece of yourself. There's a reason people keep boxes of cards or set them on their mantles. Whenever they look at that nice card, they'll remember the person that sent it, and get the warm feeling of knowing someone cares about them. When they look at all the different cards lined up from different holidays throughout the year, they'll know they aren't just being thought of once a year and then forgotten.

Seasonal cards are not only a good way to honor a holiday, but also to show your friends and family how important they are to you. What card will you send next?

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