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American Greetings Christmas Prayer Boxed Christmas Cards

Despite the popularity of e-cards, the sending of physical Christmas cards remains an important tradition. There simply is no way to replace the feeling of receiving a cards. in the main from special friends and family. American Greetings Christmas Prayer 14-ct. Boxed Christmas Cards are one option available this season if you wish to send cards of your own.

This design features a prayer written by Helen Steiner Rice. The prayer begins on the cover with the words, "For you at Christmas with a prayer. Bless us, Lord, this Christmas with quietness of mind - Teach us to be patient and always to be kind..." The prayer is then continued on the inside with the words, "Show us that in quietness we can feel Your presence near, filling us with joy and peace throughout the year. Thinking of you and wishing you a very merry Christmas."

This moving message is soothing and works well to relay a message of faith this holiday season. Of the many types of Christmas cards available from American Greetings, faith based cards remain one of the top choices. Finding just the right message is usually the challenge that card shoppers face. This card and message option, however, will appeal to a broad range of people.

The colors are on the card are bright and the image is simple and elegant. A solitary lit candle sits amid classic Christmas decorations. A few white snowflakes are also featured and work well to break up the main red color. Each of these traditional Christmas colors and items come together to create a card that truly gives others the feeling of the Christmas spirit.

Each card measures 7 5/8" x 5 1/8" (folded) and is made from a sturdy 10-point card stock. This element is important, as cheap Christmas cards are often paper then and clearly tell the recipient that they are of lesser quality. Envelopes are included and there are a total of 14 cards in the box. Consider ordering more than one box should you be one of the many that finds themselves receiving unexpected cards. Having a few extra on hand is always an excellent idea.

American Greetings Christmas Prayer 14-ct. Boxed Christmas Cards are available now for the upcoming Christmas season. They are reasonably priced and can indeed be ordered online. Specific designs can sell out, so consider ordering these well in advance if this is the card design you wish to send to those special people in your life this Christmas season.

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